Stratford – Subdivision of Lily Bank farm, 1887.

Everyone listening to historian Dave Phoenix talk at the launch will be interested in the 1887 advertisment he read from the Cairns Post for the subdivision of Lily Bank.

Cairns auctioneer and flambouyant character, John Macnamara, advertised the sale thus;

Lily Bank is beautiful, and the winding Barron with all its stillness and picturesqueness, passes within 150 yard of the gentle slope on which Lily Bank is situated.
Sam Cochrane Esq, who owns this Heavenly spot, is only parting with portion of it owning to the number of enquires from people to be allowed to build here.
The rural rusticity of the primeval bush will soon be no more; but in its place will rear the civilised residences of health-givers and health-seekers.
Remember that Lily Bank is the sanatorium resort. Consumption, heart disease, lung and nervous disorders vanish in the balmy atmosphere of Lily Bank.
This truly beautiful spot, acknowledged as such by everyone who visits the locality, will eventually become the summer resort of the busy hives of workers escaping from the toil and heat attending those whose duties keep them in the town of Cairns itself.
Cairns as a large city will be impossible to live in on account of the marshes at the back of it, but Lily Bank’s breezy heights of health will burst forth with floral beauties of which the horticultural gardens of the world might be proud.
The beauty of its grassy knolls, watered y the refreshing dew of mountain purity, renders the locality free from unsanitary and debilitating conditions of the populous and  low-lying districts of Cairns.
The investment in Lily Bank is a perpetual lottery, with a certainty of prizes and whoever becomes owner of any part of this estate, will, in a few short years, bless the day he was born.

Cairns Post, 14 May 1887.

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