SAFCA works to preserve the history of Stratford

The Stratford and Freshwater Community Association (SAFCA), with assistance from Q150 and the Cairns Regional Council, are establishing a Heritage Trail in the uk propecia historic Cairns suburb of Stratford – and you can be involved !

For thousands of generations the area along the banks of Bana Bidagarra was significant to the Djabugay. When gold and tin lured European and Chinese miners to the area, theĀ  rainforest was cleared as Kanakas worked on banana farms and sugar-cane plantations.

Chinese tended their market gardens and timber-cutters snigged enormous cedars. The Thornborough road and the Kuranda railway were built along the base of the Whitfield Range and lighters, cutters and junks plied their trade along the Barron River. Timber mills, rice-mills, wharves, wharehouses and shipyards sprang up, and a handful of families made Stratford their home.

Behan & Co. Rice Mill, c. 1890.

Stratford retains much of the charm of tropical far north Queensland that is rapidly disappearing from other suburbs. We have Rankine’s mill, the Heritage Listed magazine , Tully’s Hotel, Draper’s Lilybank home, railway heritage, evidence of several Barron bridges dating back to the 1920s, Constable Dwyer’s grave, WWII military heritage and many traditional wooden Queenslanders in the Stratford character precinct.

During 2009 the Stratford and Freshwater

Community Association will be working towards establishing a Heritage Trail that documents this history and celebrates our heritage with signs, brochures and community meetings. If you would like more information or would like to become involved in this exciting project, please email us at;
heritage_trail @

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